Invisalign® Therapy

Clear aligner therapy is a modern and esthetic approach to traditional metal braces. Increasingly, people of all ages are deciding to improve the appearance of crooked teeth by opting for this easy treatment approach.

– What is Invisalign® and how does it work?
Invisalign® therapy is a series of clear aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. With each successive tray, your teeth are one step closer to achieving your straight and beautiful smile!
At your initial consultation, Dr. Howell will take photographs and impressions of your teeth, which will be sent to Invisalign® for fabrication of custom aligners that will allow you to satisfy your treatment goals.

– How long does Invisalign® therapy take?
Depending upon the complexity of the case, most Invisalign® cases will be complete within 1 year; however, to get the most of your treatment, Invisalign® recommends patients wear the trays for 22 hours per day. It is important to realize that unlike braces, which are moving your tooth at all times, Invisalign® is only working when your trays are in your mouth, so if you are not wearing the trays for the recommended time period, treatment may take longer.

– How much does Invisalign® therapy cost?
Treatment prices for Invisalign® therapy will vary depending upon the complexity of your case and can only be determined after Dr. Howell completes a thorough exam. At Green Leaf Dentistry, we are committed to providing affordable quality care to our patients by participating with several insurance carriers and offering flexible financing options. Speak with one of our friendly receptionists today to discuss what option may be best for you!