Teeth Whitening

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As we have discussed in previous blogs, white, straight teeth can have a major impact on the way others perceive you and will no doubt have an affect on both your personal and professional relationships. Generally, those with white, straight teeth will be perceived as being:

  • Younger
  • More attractive
  • Wealthier
  • Better educated

While some of these assumptions may be inaccurate, the fact remains that we as humans make judgements about others within seconds of meeting.

teeth whitening tray


Deep bleaching and Zoom are in office teeth whitening treatments that can dramatically whiten your teeth and create a white, beautiful smile that can last for years. This of course depends upon the condition of your teeth before the whitening process begins, how well you perform your daily hygiene and lifestyle habits.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Howell, she will review your treatment goals, your current habits, which may have an impact on your ability to achieve your goal, as well as your general oral health. She will also review the risks and benefits of the treatment and customize her recommendations to your specific objectives. She will also provide you feedback regarding what shade can be achieved after treatment.

But what about home teeth whitening kits that can be purchased over the counter? Kits such as Crest White Strips can achieve teeth whitening but to a lesser degree owing to the fact that the percentage of peroxide in these products is much lower. Moreover, the strips are not customized to fit the teeth and rest on the gum, which can cause irritation. While home teeth whitening kits are a less costly alternative to in office treatments, none of them will work as well as in-office treatment performed by a certified professional.

Deep Bleaching and Zoom Teeth Whitening

After reviewing the risks and benefits of treatments of in-office whitening and consent is obtained, the gums are protected by a gingival dam barrier, and the lips and soft tissues are protected by placing a retractor and oral shield as well as gauze and cotton rolls.

The teeth are then coated with a 40% peroxide solution that sits on the teeth for 20 minutes under the Zoom light, which activates the gel and speeds up the whitening process. In the case of deep bleaching the patient undergoes the first in-office session, followed by two weeks of take home bleaching and then a second in-office whitening session. Zoom involves a series of three 15-20 minute consecutive whitening sessions and take home bleaching trays. Both options produce excellent results and can easily fit into a “lunch hour.”

Why not give us a call to schedule an appointment? Your whiter, more beautiful smile is only one hour away!