Choosing a Family Dentist

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Locating the perfect family dentist for you and your children is essential to insuring you receive quality dental care for all of your family.

Your ideal family dentist should be an outstanding dental professional who can deliver the best dental solutions for you and your children. The importance of providing top quality dental care for you and your children cannot be overstated.

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Point to Consider:

As you research the dentist who will ultimately provide you and your children with dental care, you should select someone who has experience working with both adults and children because dental care for adults differs quite a bit from that for children.

Moreover, the dentist should have appropriate credentialing and a broad knowledge base that will not only allow him or her to treat your current needs but also spot potential problems before they arise and offer the most appropriate treatment options.

In addition to verifying education and clinical experience, it is also important to check if the dentist you are considering has good online reviews. It is always best to read these reviews to see what actual patients are saying. Make sure that you visit the prospective dentist’s website to get a feel for the office, its policies and practice philosophy as well as the staff and services provided.

Once in the office, make sure that you feel relaxed with your dentist and that your family, especially the kids, have a good rapport with him or her. You should also feel comfortable to ask any questions or raise any concerns about anything related to your or your child’s dental health. Each visit for a routine hygiene visit or treatment should be seen as an opportunity to talk to your dentist and obtain valuable information and insight into your oral health, information that can be applied to your entire family!

At Green Leaf Dentistry, we have both the education and clinical experience necessary to treat the entire family. Our goal is to insure that every time you or your children visit us, it is a positive experience. Not just because you and your family will get the best dental treatment possible, but also because we take every opportunity to empower and motivate our patients through education so that they can enjoy optimal oral and overall health for years to come!