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David V

The end of this month will be 2 years since I became a patient of Dr Howell while she was at Malo. I originally went there giving up on a lifetime of bad teeth and seeking an estimate on removing what was left on top and hoping to afford implants but probably accepting dentures. Dr Howell took the time to fully evaluate my situation and give me something no other dentist had…hope. After the initial consultation and a comprehensive, yet realistic, assessment of my situation and what she could do within my financial needs and insurance she started with a marathon 8 hour stabilization of my upper front teeth working with existing posts, and replacing some, she started by developing a stable temp bridge and crowns so I could look presentable while we continued work. She then spent the next visit over several hours working on the structure of my remaining bottom teeth so the decay would halt while we worked toward the top. The entire time she was positive and supportive as well as pat...

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Wendy B

Dr. Howell is an extremely dedicated professional. She provides her patients with options and top of the line services. She is extremely kind, compassionate and understands patient concerns. She is genuinely kind, which is very important. I have had a fear of dentists my entire life, but I no longer have that fear. I have known Dr. Howell for a very long time, on both a professional and personal level. I would highly recommend Dr. Howell and her staff to anyone looking for the best.

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Madi B

I’m a nervous patient when it comes to getting any dental work on my sensitive teeth and because of that, I’m really careful about who I see. Dr. Howell is one of the best dentist I have been to. She is super nice and down to earth. She really goes out of her way to make sure that you feel comfortable and she works extra hard to make sure your dental work is perfect. She really eases all my fears about seeing a dentist. Everyone at the office is wonderful, pleasant and professional. Lori, at the front desk is so friendly and so helpful when it comes to working out a dental plan. The office is beautiful mid century modern and gives the office a relaxing welcoming feeling when you walk in. I highly recommend Green leaf dentistry. They’re awesome!

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Stanley B.

Everyone was extremely pleasant, courteous and professional.

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Naresh Kumar P.

People are so patient and answered all my questions properly. Great experience.

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